Telescope Crown/ Denture From Dental Lab in China

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Shenzhen MYY Dental Laboratory Co., LTD., founded in 2000, is a national high-tech enterprise and an internationally renowned denture enterprise. Since its establishment, MYY Dental Laboratory has been committed to providing efficient one-stop Dental restoration solutions for the health and beauty of human teeth. For the majority of dentists and consumers to provide safe, high quality, fast products and services. At present, 50% of our products are sold in China, and 50% of our products are sold to dozens of countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia, South America and Africa, such as the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and Japan. Shenzhen MYY Dental Laboratory Co., LTD. (MYY Dental Laboratory) with its well-known high-quality brand, professional technology, high-quality products have been recognized by consumers at home and abroad.

Our products cover denture production, including ultra-thin veneer, digital denture, personalized implant restoration, stealth correction, all-porcelain denture, movable denture and other denture products, as well as diversified precision medicine-related products such as 3D surgical model guide plate for maxillofacial surgery, stem cell storage, genetic testing for pediatric stomatology and other businesses.

For quality, the company continues to pursue, each product will go through strict raw material inspection process, production process, quality inspection process.

FDA Import Registration License. With the continuous support and attention from dentists all over the world, the brand has become a professional brand respected by dentists at home and abroad.

With the mission of "being a dentist's assistant and promoting doctor-patient harmony", Meishu Dental is an international denture supplier for high-end customers at home and abroad with excellent products, high-end technology and perfect services to achieve a comprehensive win-win situation for society, enterprises, doctors and consumers.

Welcome to join us and grow together with us!

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