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We offer a full range of Orthodontics like retainers , RPE appliance , screw expander , Schwarz , Herbst , Habit appliance , Activator , Pendulum , Frankel , ALF Appliance , D.N.A , Inman appliance . Night guards , Sopt guards , Dorsal , Snoring Guard . FASA , clear aligners and others .

We can also meet your special requirements and curiosity . For example , put several different colours with amazing variety of designs or picture inserted.

Even our one of Australia customers said that our ortho work is very good much better than any other labs he used .

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Company:Shenzhen MYY Dental Laboratory Co., LTD
The phone:+86 180 9891 9514
Address: Second Floor, 402 Yonghe Road, Fuhai Street, Bao 'an District, Shenzhen