Flexible Removable Partial Dentures With Cast Clasps For Permanent

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Product Description

       Flexible Removable Partial Dentures With Cast Clasps For Permanent Dentures Polished Metal Surface

Dental Casting Partial Denture:


1.Milling on the porcelain teeth supply butter retention

2.Good biocompatibility

3. Superior restoration effect

4. Reasonble Price

5. Easy to take off and clear

   We use the world famous material and offered at an economical price, they are ideal for immediate or transitional situations. At topway dental lab, we provides a unique custom arrangement of denture teeth based on patient age, desired tooth shade, masculine or feminine features and natural tissue contours. We customize every case for a comfortable, functional appliance that provides the patient with a lifelike smile embodying their individual characteristics.


   Vitallium 2000 , conventional Co-Cr and titanium alloy cast framework are available. The Nickel and beryllium free alloy provides delicate precision cast clasps and a highly polished metal surface for patient comfort and satisfaction.Topway dental laboratory's highly experienced technicians will assist you with survey and design of your removable partial denture case.

1.Competitive price

2.Excellent quality

3.Natural and esthetical

4.Good after sells service

Dental partial denture/ccp

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